What and why cybersecurity, Part II

Riya Jain
2 min readSep 25, 2023

The bad guys are trying to steal and mess with a company’s important stuff online. So, the company needs to protect its important information from being stolen or messed up. They have special teams called Red Team and Blue Team to do this. The Red Team pretends to be the bad guys and finds weak spots so they can be fixed. The Blue Team defends the company from these pretend attacks. This is really important because it stops real bad guys from stealing important things like customer info, trade secrets, or private business messages. Today we’ll discuss Red team and Blue team. However there are also other teams enhancing cybersecurity everyday:

Blue Team vs Red Team

Check the major differences between team red vs team blue:

Red Team vs Blue Team: Roles and Responsibilities

Red Team

The red team plays offensive role. The roles of red team consist of:

  • Penetration testing
  • Web and mobile application penetration testing (iOS/Android).
  • If possible, trying to escalate small vulnerability and chain them up for bigger impact.

The main responsibility of red team is to provide feedback to the company based on their assessment.

Blue Team

The blue team plays defensive role. The role of blue team consists of:

  • To protect the organization’s important data from attacker.
  • They have to keep the security policies up to date and gathering data, etc.
  • Carry our risk assessment, analyze network traffic.

The main responsibility of blue team is to make the security system as stronger as they can.

Red and blue team should keep communicating with each other, it is an important factor. The red team should have knowledge of latest threats or vulnerability so they can advise blue team on prevention techniques. Likewise, blue team will do the same, they will share the latest technologies finding with red team to improve security.

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