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Riya Jain
3 min readMay 2, 2023

As an SDE trainee at Fintract Global, I’ve been entrusted with finding, designing, and implementing fresh ideas to improve the platform’s functionality. I’ve had the opportunity to learn an assortment of software technologies through my position as a front-end developer, encompassing React, Tailwind CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. These are essential components when developing visual user interfaces as well as web-based applications. Additional technologies and libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery, and Angular were additionally introduced to me.

I encountered challenges while implementing React because my system wasn’t supportive, and I was responsible for coming up with alternative ways to use it. This was an important challenge because it affected my productivity and my willingness to complete products. I acquired innovative strategies for interacting with the system, which called for commitment and analytical thinking. I’ve had to navigate through technological issues and ask for assistance from colleagues. I’ve been trying hard to be creative and shine while simultaneously making sure that I finish my tasks promptly.

Anyone who works professionally needs to be able to manage their time efficiently, but when one is working internationally in different time zones and dealing with differences, this becomes even more important. Being positioned in India while both my clients and co-workers were in London presented an impediment for me. Considering the substantial time difference, it became crucial for me to meticulously schedule and carry out the assignments while making sure that I was meeting my deadlines on time.

The administration of my schedule in this instance was one of the most challenging elements. When my days of work in India and London were interconnected, I had to be readily accessible throughout those times. This prompted me to alter my sleeping and working schedules in order to keep pace with the London time zone. It was indispensable that I schedule my meetings, tasks, and deadlines within my workday in a productive manner. Since it was important to make sure that everyone was on the exact same page, it was also important to maintain open lines of contact with my London-based staff. To efficiently share information and collaborate as a team, we made use of software like Zoom and Slack. I made sure to notify my colleagues of my progress and request assistance whenever I ran into difficulties.

I found my co-workers to be extremely encouraging, supportive, collaborative, and beneficial when I initially began interacting with them. My initial task was to enhance the organization’s current webpage in my own distinctive manner so that my mentor could see that I was capable of producing top-notch work. Despite being new to the field, with the team’s assistance, I succeeded in completing the task, although it took me longer than usual. To finish the task, I had to pick up new skills and finances. Fortunately, my mentor and group were sympathetic and uplifting, so I never hesitated to ask them for assistance when I encountered problems.

Later, I worked with a team of individuals. I was given an element of the overall project to complete, and I was able to do it by the deadline. I assisted a new coworker who received no prior training, demonstrating my ability to collaborate and support others. I had to manage project timetables and connect with clients for this project.

I’m presently assisting my mentor with generating projects while working directly under him. I’ve additionally spoken to him regarding the prospect of him recommending me for backend guidance, as I’m enthusiastic to keep expanding my knowledge in the field of software development. This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire information from people with greater expertise as well as get feedback on your work. I’ve been given the possibility of taking on greater assignments and responsibilities and enhancing my skills.



Riya Jain

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